Is Your Website ready for

high traffic?

A slow-loading website is a reason 79% of visitors don't buy and leave the page. Avoid losing customers by optimizing your website. 

What's the risk of a slow website?



Slow-loading websites cost retailers $2.6 billion in lost sales each year.



40% of visitors would leave awebsite if they had to wait more than 3 seconds.



47% of Users expect amaximum of 2 seconds ofloading time for an average website. 



88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

Verify your site's performance and compare to largest ecommerces!!!


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How to prepare for increased traffic?

Find out what areas on your page need improvement

Get your site audited by our experts. The audit report will include the low-hanging fruit as well as findings that will be more difficult to implement. Both frontend (browser-side) as well as backend (server-side) performance will be assessed.


Order a longer period of an audit if you expect different traffic patterns throughout the week. The basic 1-day package will monitor your website throughout a 24h period and will only provide limited insight, especially if your site's performance depends on the number of users visiting.

Keep watching your site's performance

Keep your website running smoothly - order a continuous monitoring package. We will keep your website monitored and send you alerts whenever the performance drops. 

These companies trusted us

The Simply Scale team of experts has experience in auditing and optimizing high traffic web applications. Our high-profile clients have used our services to improve their uptime, optimize performance and deliver always-on solutions.

We have partnered with Amazon and Microsoft to offer the best solutions in a cost-effective manner, based on their AWS and Azure cloud offerings.

Order in-depth audit package

Limited offer  20% off 

We will start auditing your website immediately.

Your audit report will contain:

  • executive summary
  • quick wins, emphasised
  • browser-side findings and suggestions
  • server-side findings and suggestions.

The audit will be carried out over a 1-7 day period, based on the package you select. If you suspect different traffic patterns throughout the week - order the 7-day period or mark the specific days of week you'd like to analyze in the message box.


During the audit period your website will be accessed by our auditors and their tools multiple times every in random time intervals in order to collect sufficient data regarding your site's performance.


Questions or concerns?

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